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FAQ General
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You speak English on the island, right?

Yes, we speak english at the resort. Belize, in fact, is the only country in Central America where English is the official language.

Is the resort a family friendly place?

Yes Tranquility Bay Resort is family friendly. With no TV's in the Cabana's it is the perfect place to bond with your cherished ones.

Do you welcome kids at the resort?

Children and teens have a wonderful time at Tranquility Bay Resort. Our guides take the time to introduce them to their first snorkel experience in Belize slowly and carefully, so it is an exciting and not a scary experience. Teenagers like the fact that they can have an introduction to Scuba Diving, or even get PADI certified during their stay. Children will also love learning to fish and they can practice their catch and release fishing right from our dock while you are perhaps enjoying your meal on the same dock in our water top restaurant.

What kind of dress code do you recommend for restaurants in the island?

Our Island is very relaxed and in most restaurants casual to informal is normal and accepted. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem!!

How big is San Pedro?

12900 people

Is there a grocery store on the island?

There are grocery stores in San Pedro. The resort is located 12 miles north of San Pedro and therefore it can be advantageous to get groceries before coming to the resort if you so desire. There are also provisioning companies that will do the shopping for you so that you don't have to spend your precious vacation time shopping. We do sell some chocolate, nuts and chips at the front desk. Cases of beer or water can be purchased from the resort and put in the cabana.

Getting Here

How do we get to the resort? /How do we get to San Pedro from the Intl Airport?

Upon arriving to the International Airport in Belize there are two different options to get to the island of Ambergris Caye. There are small “island hopper” planes, which we can arrange for you at the same rate as the company direct. This is the fastest and easiest way to get to Ambergris Caye. When you arrive on the island our taxi driver will shuttle you to our dock where are boat will be waiting. You can also take a water taxi from the mainland to the island. To take the water taxi one must take a regular taxi from the international airport to the water taxi terminal. Our boat will meet you where the water taxi docks in San Pedro. Don't forget to let us know what time you are planning on arriving by e-mail or telephone a few days before your arrival!!

Do you have transportation included in your rates?

One round trip per cabana from San Pedro to Tranquility Bay Resort and back upon arrival and departure is included for booking of 5 nights and longer. From three to five nights a transfer charge of $80 U.S is applicable per cabana.

What is the Hotel Check in/out time?

Check out is 11 am and Check in is 2 Pm. These times are somewhat flexible if it can work with our boat scheduling. It is also possible to leave very early if you want to catch the water jets boat to Chetumal or an early flight.

Can I still make it to Tranquility Bay Resort if I'm arriving late?

Yes as long as you can make it to the island our captains know the route to the resort at night.

Will there be a boat waiting for us at the dock?

Yes we will have a boat waiting for you at the dock as long as we know when you are arriving. Let us make it easy for you by booking your Tropic Air flight for you. If you are taking the water taxi or booking your own Island hopper flight please make sure you let us know your arrival time in advance. At minimum if we know your international flight arrival time it lets us follow your international flight arrivals/delays and plan for a boat to be in San Pedro at an appropriate time.

How far is the dock from the airport?

Our dock in San Pedro is approximately 2 minutes away from the airport. Upon arriving at the San Pedro dock our staff will take you on a 30 minute picturesque boat ride to the resort.

Will there be someone waiting for us at the airport?

Yes we will have our taxi driver waiting for you at the San Pedro airport luggage claim area (outside) on your arrival.

How do I get to town from the resort? /Do you have scheduled boats to town?

Tranquility Bay Resort is a secluded resort 12 miles north of San Pedro Town. Our boats generally only go to town upon arrivals and departures and we do not have a set schedule for trips to town. We do charge $10 U.S./person one-way when are boats are going to town. We do try our best to work with our guests to give them the time they need in town if we can spare the boats and captains based on our schedule. If our schedule does not fit your needs we will also let you charter a captained boat to town during daylight hours based on availability. Another way to get to town is to take one of our tours to Hol Chan and Caye Caulker where they give you an hour in town on the return.

Are there any airport departure fees from Belize?

There is an airport departure tax of US$ 39.25 per person for international flights. Please note these fees must be paid in US cash or with a credit card.

How far are you from the Belize International Airport?

Tranquility Bay Resort is located 30 minutes away from San Pedro Town, which is a 15minutes flight time from the International Airport

What local airline do you recommend?

We book all of our clients through Tropic Air to go to & from the island. Fair rates, good service and generally on time, with a great safety record. We can book any flights with Tropic for our guests at the same price as booking from Tropic Air Directly. The advantage is that we know when you are coming!


Where on the island are you located?

We are located 12.5 miles North of San Pedro Town or about 30 minutes boat ride to the resort.

How far is the barrier reef from the resort?

The Meso-American Barrier reef is only 300 yards away from the resort. We are the only resort on the island where you can safely snorkel from the beach to the reef!

How close is the resort to the Beach?

Our beachfront cabanas are truly on the beach! Only the Budget Traveler's room does not have it's doors opening onto the Caribbean Sea.


Will my credit card be charged immediately?

We charge a 30% deposit upon booking. The remaining 70% is charged one month prior to your arrival at the resort.

Which Credit Cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Visa and MasterCard will be charged in American dollars where as Discover and American Express will be charged in Belize Dollars. Exchange rates may apply depending on your agreement with your Credit Card company.

Are US dollars accepted on the island?

U.S. Dollars are used interchangeably with Belize Dollars at a fixed rate of 2 for 1. Most places will return change to you in Belize dollars.

Is there and ATM nearby?

The nearest ATM is in San Pedro, Belize.

What Currency Should we bring?

US dollars are widely accepted in Belize and would be the best currency to bring. The Belize dollar is fixed to the American Dollar at a rate of $2BZ to $1 U.S. Luckily while staying at Tranquility Bay Resort you don't need a lot of cash. Everything that you do while at the resort can be put on a tab and paid at the end of your stay.

What form of payments do you take?

We accept US and Belize currencies as well as Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express and Traveler's Checks.

Can we use traveler's checks?

Yes you can use traveler's checks at Tranquility Bay Resort and certain businesses in town

Can I get cash from my credit cards?

Yes all of the banks will give you cash advances from your credit cards. Most banks also have an ATM at their location.


What is the local custom for tipping?

Generally people tip as is customary in North America. Any amount will be welcome and appreciated.

Is tipping necessary?

At Tranquility Bay Resort we charge 10% service charge on the nightly rates. Gratuities for the restaurant, bar, and tours are not included. Further gratuities are at the discretion of the clients.


Can I book my reservation by phone?

Yes our numbers are 1-888-THE-CAYE (843-2293) or at the resort directly is 011 (501) 220-5880

How can I Change a Reservation?

Call us at 1-888-THE-CAYE (843-2293)or the resort directly at 011 (501) 220-5880

What is the cancellation policy?

If reservations are cancelled 60 days prior to arrival, the deposit is refundable, less a $60 processing fee. Cancellations 60-45 days prior to arrival are subject to 50% of the deposit, less the $60 processing fee. Cancellations 45-30 days prior to Cancellations less than 30 days are nonrefundable. Trip cancellation insurance is available and recommended.

I'm having trouble booking online. What do I do?

Please give us a call. Sometimes the reservation system will not show the opening you need but an operator may be able to streamline reservations to make the space you need.

How do I make Multiple Room or Group Reservations/Bookings?

Group bookings and multiple rooms it may be best to call us at 1 888 THE CAYE or the resort direct at 011 (501) 220-5880

What's included in the price?

Room, One full breakfast/person, free use of kayaks, and a welcome drink. Transfers to and from the resort to San Pedro Town are also included with bookings of 5 nights and more.

Weather and Bugs

What's the weather like at the resort in Belize?

The weather in Belize is temperate year round & the temperature ranges from 60 to 97degrees. The water in the summer months is close to the temperature of bathe water and is temperate in the winter. 3 mil wetsuits are sometimes used in the winter months but not absolutely necessary.

How are the bugs?

We are located on a Caribbean island in Belize and we do have mosquitoes & sandflies. Mosquitoes and sand flies can be a nuisance but really only have a strong presence when the trade winds are not blowing. The best protection against the Sand Fleas is a thick coat of baby oil. A deet based bug spray works for the mosquitoes. Generally the bugs appear in the evenings on absolutely calm days. Typically the trade winds that blow keep them at bay. The susceptibility to sand flies varies with the individual.

Do we need to get malaria shots before coming down to Belize?

There are no Malarial mosquitoes on the island but if you are planning trips to the mainland you should consult a doctor specializing in travel medicine.

When is the best time to come to Belize?

The winter season from December to April is the season that attracts the most visitors to Belize. This is typically snowbirds getting away from the colder climates. Daytime winter temperatures average 85°F while the sea also averages 85 degrees year round. The trade winds provide a light breeze from the ocean year round, which makes the climate very pleasant, although there is also usually high humidity. Our wedding and honeymoon guests chose May, June and September when the climate is beautiful, the prices are lower, and the flowers are at their best. July and August are popular with family adventurers, and although they often experience a short rain shower, it is quickly over and easily managed. Often during rainy season it rains during the night leaving a sunny and fresh start to the day.

What about hurricanes?

Hurricanes are major events but luckily not frequent. In the hurricane stakes Belize has been relatively fortunate, with less than 5% of the hurricanes that Florida routinely receives. We obviously track hurricanes very carefully at the resort, typically there is at least five days notice if there is any potential threat to the coast of Belize. Our guests are kept fully informed and can track the storm on our computer on site. If it looks as though our area may be seriously threatened, our hurricane plan is to send our guests inland. We are always ready. So to sum up, your chances of a hurricane in Belize are minimal compared to the rest of the Caribbean, Florida and Mexico, but we are always vigilant and ready.

We've heard a lot about bugs!

The bug most often talked about on web sites is the sand fly, a tiny bug that nips around the legs and ankles and can cause swelling and itching. The majority doesn't notice them, though a minority has large bumps and an intense itch. Sand fly's are seasonal, typically only become irritating when the breeze goes down in the morning and evening. Wearing socks can prevent them and slacks, covering your bare skin with a think layer of baby oil, or by spraying your legs and ankles with a bug repellant with high Deet content. If you know you tend to be susceptible to bugs bring down an antihistamine and some anti-itch cream. Malaria is found in Belize, but this historically has not been a problem in our area. For further information visit the center for Disease Control and Prevention. A comprehensive website from the US Government. Mosquitoes are also common when the trade winds are not present. The best protection is a Deet based mosquito repellant.


Do you provide breakfast?

One full Breakfast/person with coffee and orange juice is included in the room charges.

How far away are the restaurants from the resort? Are they any good?

The only restaurant accessible from Tranquility Bay Resort is the Aquarium Restaurant on the property. The neighbor also cooks pizza ordered one day in advance. Hopefully the neighboring resort will reopen soon and there will be another option for our guests.

Can we drink tap water?

We suggest drinking bottled water while on staying at Tranquility Bay Resort. We produce our own tap water through reverse osmosis and it is stored under the cabanas in large cisterns. We sell bottled water by the gallon the same price as in town.

Do you have any restaurants at the resort?

Yes, The Aquarium restaurant and Tackle box Sea Bar are located on our dock. Come and watch the Eagle Rays, Tarpon and Barracuda swim under the dock lights in the evening.

Do you have purified drinking water?

On arrival there are complimentary bottles of water in your fridge. We sell purified drinking water at the bar for $2 U.S./gallon.

How many restaurants do you have?

Our resort has one restaurant “The Aquarium” serving international cuisine.

How many bars do you have?

The Tackle Box Sea bar is our only bar located in the Aquarium Restaurant on our dock!

Rooms/Sleeping Arrangements

Are there any TV's in the cabanas?

No we do not have TV's in the cabanas, we only have a flat screen TV in the bar. Tranquility Bay Resort is the ideal place to get away from it all!

Is there a safe in the rooms where we can store our valuables?

Yes we do have a safe in each cabana.

Do you have a baby crib at the resort?

Yes we do have a baby crib at your disposal

Is there AC in all the Cabanas?

The bedrooms have A/C although the breeze cools the living rooms and lofts.

Do you have hot & cold shower?

Yes we do have hot & cold shower in our cabanas

How many people can sleep in a Cabana?

Our cabanas can hold up to six adults when using the pull out sofa beds. The rates are based on double or Quad occupancy. There are extra charges for extra guests.

Are rates shown for a room or per person?

The rates are based on double occupancy for the Budget Traveler's Room and the one bedroom cabana with loft. The two bedroom cabanas and the Prime Minister's Suite are based on quadruple occupancy. Surcharges apply for extra guests.

Our children will be traveling with us, do they stay free?

Children 5 and under stay free at Tranquility Bay Resort.


Do you have a pool?

The water in front of the resort is crystal clear and warm. Our guests enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea.

Do you have phones available?

We do have a phone at the main office in case of an emergency or if you just want to make a private call. Charges apply.

Are there any gift shops at the resort?

We do have a very small gift shop at the resort.

Will my international phone work there at the resort?

If you cellular provider is Verizon or a CDMA company there is a strong possibility that it will work. It is always best to contact your service provider and see if you are covered in Belize.

Are there phones in the rooms?

We do not have phones in our cabanas. Tranquility Bay Resort is a secluded Belizian island resort where you can get away from it all.

Do you have Laundry service in your resort?

Yes, laundry service is available.

Do you have a convenience store near by?

The resort sells a small selection of chocolate, chips and nuts for snacks.

Do you provide towels for the beach/bath?

Yes, we provide bath towels and beach towels to our guests.

Do you have wireless Internet?

Yes, we do have wireless Internet however it is limited in bandwidth and speed as it is provided by satellite. The wireless signal is only at the bar or around the main office, and generally not available in the cabanas.

What kind of electricity do you have?

Belize has the same voltage as in North America (110-120Volts)

Should I bring my own hair dryer?

Hair dryers can be requested at the front desk

Is there a computer at the resort that we can use?

We do not have a computer specifically designated for client use but we do allow guests on our front desk laptop if need be.

Is there a pharmacy that we can buy some medications?

There are pharmacies in San Pedro, Belize, but we suggest you bring any medications that you may need with you. We do sell Benadryl allergy, Motrin, and Dramamine.


How about scuba diving?

Tranquility Bay Resort is a PADI dive resort and we offer fun dives, discover scuba diving experiences as well as open water diver certification.

What can I expect to see while diving in Belize?

Healthy corals, an abundance of different fishes, eels, with possibilities of seeing sea turtles, nurse sharks dolphins and even manatees.

Should I bring my own scuba equipment to the resort?

Our dive center has rental gear available to suit your needs however diving with your own equipments makes you a little more comfortable.

Can I get to the Blue Hole from Tranquility Bay Resort?

Yes we can organize trips to the blue hole through partnerships with other operators. We take care of getting you to the operator when we book the tour for you.

Do you have certification dive courses at the resort?

Yes we can certify open water divers and higher-level courses upon request. We encourage you to sign up for PADI e-learning. When you get here you will be done all of the studying and truly be able to enjoy your vacation.

Do you offer resort courses for Scuba Diving at Tranquility Bay Resort?

Yes we offer Padi's Discover Scuba Diving courses.

Do you rent snorkeling or diving equipments at the resort?

Yes we do rent snorkel & dive equipment from our dive shop.

Can we book tours at the resort?

Yes we can book all your tours from the resort either snorkeling, diving, fishing or mainland trips such as the Belize Zoo, cave tubing, zip lining, Mayan Ruins and more. We do it all.

What kind of activities can we do at the resort?

Snorkeling, Diving, Sailing, Fishing, Walking, Relaxing on a beach chair or hammock, board games, tours, and Dive courses.

Can we snorkel from the beach to the reef?

We are the only resort on the island where it is safe to snorkel from the shore to the reef.

What’s the charge for the rental of the equipments?

We charge 5US for the mask & snorkel & 5US for fins per day. BCD and Regulator are $10/day. Weekly rates are $40 U.S. For Mask/Snorkel/Fins.

Do you rent golf carts at the resort?

No, Tranquility Bay Resort is not really accessible by road from San Pedro

Do you have bikes at the resort?

We do not have bikes at the resort.

Do you arrange tours to the Belize mainland?

Yes at Tranquility Bay Resort, we can book tours to the Mayan Ruins; Xunantunich, Altun Ha and Lamanai, as well as the Belize Zoo, cave tubing and zip-lining.

How's the fishing?

Belize is world renowned for its flat fishing. One of very few places in the world where you can catch a grand slam of Permit, Tarpon and Bone fish. Reef fishing is also a great family activity.

Can we rent a boat for ourselves?

At Tranquility Bay Resort we run a variety of tours that are on a per person basis. Based on availability we can also accommodate private boat charters for an extra fee.

Would you recommend renting a vehicle?

Tranquility Bay Resort is secluded 12 miles north of San Pedro Town and not really accessible by vehicle.

What's the beach like?