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OK, People, if you're looking to get in the water and snorkel in one of the best places on earth you found it. This is the only place on the island (and just about anywhere else on the planet) where you can snorkel right off the beach.


We discovered the best snorkeling since the Great Barrier Reef at the most "tranquil" sea side hide-a-way!


You are (1 of only 11 units) right on the water and 20 paces from a world class reef that is in 6 feet of water, eels, queen angels, barracuda, sea urchin, wrasses, sea fans, lobsters.


If you've never tried snorkeling, this is the place to do it! The depth of the water doesn't get more than 5-6 feet and we could swim out to the reef and still touch sandy bottom if needed.


The fish, coral and other marine life in this portion of the reef are really fantastic. The beach is lovely and because of it's distance from town is very private.

North Carolina

The snorkeling/kayaking right off the beach is spectacular. We saw turtle, eel, barracuda, tarpon, , anemone, several types of coral and sponges, crabs, angelfish, and all kinds of colorful, tropical fish. And, you can go for long walks/runs on the deserted beaches for miles.


Snorkeling in Belize From The Beach!

At Tranquility Bay Resort, snorkeling in the warm, calm, clear water inside the reef is spectacular. On any one outing you will see dozens and dozens of different varieties of fish, all in their Technicolor glory. The best part about it, you only have to walk out of your beachfront cabana door to go snorkeling or kayaking to the Belize Barrier Reef.

Snorkeling Gear at the Tranquility Bay Dive Shop

Tranquility Bay Resort lies just inside the remarkable Belize Barrier Reef, the longest unbroken living reef on earth. It’s also the only resort on Ambergris Caye that is actually located inside the Bacalar Chica Marine Reserve, which means you can literally take a few steps out of your cabana, start snorkeling and experience an amazing variety of marine life. All the snorkeling gear you will need is available in our scuba dive shop located on the beachfront resort, so you don’t have to worry about lugging any gear with you on the plane.

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