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The over-water bar is a reincarnation of the original famous Tackle Box in San Pedro, that I visited many years ago. It is spot on, with the same sense of adventure and excitement.


The water is pristine and the reef is very close, giving you access to an abundance of marine life. We particularly loved the parade of spotted eagle rays that swam by the deck of the Tackle Box bar each evening.


The Tackle Box Sea Bar sits over the Caribbean Sea. You can hear the roar of the surf crashing into the barrier reef. It is extremely intriguing. Just the place to run into James Bond or Indiana Jones.


The bar itself is half of an old wooden speedboat. At night, there is an absolutely amazing display of Tarpon and Spotted Eagle Rays just off the bar's deck.


We could hardly believe it. Sitting at the bar drinking a couple of Mojitos, it seemed like it would probably be a good idea to just stay...and become a couple of expats.


Belize: On the cutting edge of adventure chic. Start with an attitude - resilient, wily, faintly lawless. The feeling isn't dangerous exactly, but it is, shall we say, spicy...

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Our, over-the-water, Tackle Box Sea Bar is named in honor of the original "Tackle Box Sea Bar" that was destroyed by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. For many years it was the place to go in all of Belize. The new Tackle Box has been built in the style, colors, and decor of the original. The bar is full service and loaded with character. The bar itself is half of a wooden speedboat. It is the perfect place to talk about your great dive, your beautiful snorkel trip or that big fish you caught.

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At sunset, the magic begins. The lights of the Tackle Box Sea Bar attract a large variety of marine life, including Tarpon and Spotted Eagle Rays. People come from miles around to see one of Mother Nature' best shows.

And, you never know who might run into at the Tackle Box. The Prime Minister of Belize, the Belize Minister of Tourism and Aviation, the Governor of Mexico, Ambassadors of Nicaragua and El Salvador, United States Senators, Members of Parliament from Europe, United Nations Representatives, American Olympic Athletes and Coaches and Miss World have all visited the Tackle Box Sea Bar at Tranquility Bay.

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